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Why GlueLess?

Texas Pocket Springs has been using the GLUELESS Innersprings for all its innersprings since 2017. The result has been the ability to produce a superior product that is consistently recognized by both the mattress manufacturers we supply and the mattress retailers and their customers for quality, comfort, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Social responsibility, worldwide environmental agencies, and ever-increasing landfills speak to the importance of totally recyclable products.



Improvement in Quality and Comfort Requires Constant Innovation

Innovation and product improvement have been our driving force from the moment we engineered and patented our first pocket spring machine and incorporated Texas Pocket Springs 24 years ago. Our commitment was to offer our customers a better product than what was available. Over the years we have received over a dozen patents on pocket spring assembly and pocket spring machinery.


Today we have capacity to produce 36K units a week in our coiling facility just south of Dallas/Ft. Worth. We have a dedicated innovation center which continues to design and engineer the most forward-thinking assembly machinery in the world. Today we are proud to be leaders in sustainable innerspring technology. We are proud to have created the worlds first 100% sustainable pocket spring. We welcome guests anytime to visit our production facility and Innovation/Engineering Center.

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