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Texas Pocket Springs Breaks Ground on New Factory

Keene, TX- Texas Pocket Springs, a leading producer of pocketed coil innersprings and innerspring innovation has broken ground on a new facility. The company can no longer meet growing demand with its current production capacity.

“We’ve spent the last 25 years developing one of the best pocketed spring units in the industry. We’re not the biggest in the industry, but we stay ahead of the curve with constant innovation and never being afraid to question conventional wisdom in the name of efficiency, quality, comfort, and environmental friendliness. Fortunately with the great team we have and the incredibly loyal customer base that we’ve built over the years, we’ve reached a point where we need a larger facility to keep up with the demand for our inner spring units,”said Martin Wolfson, TPS President.

The new facility will showcase TPS’s latest coiling technology and will produce 1.3 million units a year. TPS Sales Director Matan Wolfson added, “Another growth factor we’re seeing is that mattress manufacturers are looking for an advantage over their competitors, which our QuadCoil gives them. Our patented QuadCoil units have been successful with the growth of the hybrid and bed in a box mattresses. We strive for it to be one of the most stable units on the market. As the cost of foam has increased, we’ve experienced an increase in orders for our micro-coils, which mimic the feel of foam. We work with our customers on every new mattress design to develop the perfect innerspring unit, our expanded innovation lab will help in this process. Our goal is simple, when people buy a mattress, we want them to request the mattress with the Texas Pocket Spring inside.”

TPS’s pocketed coil innovation lab and machinery division will increase its size and production capacity, which comes at the perfect time as European demand for the TPS Glue-Less assembler is increasing. “Our glue-less technology assembly machines are currently on a 6 month lead time, once we move into the new space we will be able to get that down to around 60 days. We also now have the much needed space to accelerate our mattress recycling machinery project ” says Wolfson. The new facility is expected to be in full operation by August.

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