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The QUAD MICRO+  is an ultra premium comfort layer that gives extreme conformance and with some push back that mimics latex. All those materials are semi supportive, but not something you would use for support only. The system brings you a natural story replacing poly foams, maximizes airflow and durability where foam layers typically fail, and mimics the comfort of Latex without Latex prices. We even wrapped the edge of this model with 360° of firmer coils to elevate the edge support below into the comfort layers at the top.

Coil Count Options (Queen)
Height Options
Coil Resistance
17 ½ Guage (Least Resistance)
15 ½ Gauge
14 ½ Gauge
13 ½ Gauge (Most Resistance)
Coil Turn Options
6 ½ 
Foam Encased Ready


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